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icon font and google translate are not best friends #11

libc opened this Issue Feb 13, 2013 · 2 comments

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libc commented Feb 13, 2013

Hey guys,

For example,

as you can see most of the icons are distorted.

We found that issue when @bartjo tested the new new address book, and as it happens he also had auto-translate from French to English enabled. There was a location icon on the page, which is denoted by the letter L. Google translate decided to translate it to "the", which resulted in 3 icons appearing, instead of one location icon.


The solution could be private range in Unicode.

It would also not be read by screen readers. (Good for accessibility)


Hi @libc, hi @tregagnon

A simple solution is to add the aria-hidden="true" to the icon tag:

<i class="vicon" aria-hidden="true">c</i>

And to prevent Google Translate from translating the characters:

<i class="vicon notranslate">c</i>

Of course both can be combined:

<i class="vicon notranslate" aria-hidden="true">c</i>

That’s quite heavy...

When we completely drop IE 7 support, then we can use the private unicode range with CSS generated content (:before or :after). We’ll be able to use icons this way for example to display a “settings” icon:

<i class="vicon settings"></i>

It will be much cleaner!



@blustemy blustemy closed this Apr 25, 2013
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