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API Additions:

  • The new, very pretty ( if I do say so myself ), textured touch draw method. It is now the default touch draw method. If you want the previous touch draw method, just call SMT.setTouchDraw( TouchDraw.SMOOTH);. Have a look at examples/Demos/TouchColours/TouchColours.pde
  • Added a number of functions for adjusting the textured touch drawer's parameters, such as colour, size, trail length, etc. Look forward to a little tutorial/example on them.
  • Added a way to more easily implement your own touch drawer - TouchDraw.CUSTOM. Write your own class that implements vialab.SMT.TouchDrawer, and call SMT.setTouchDraw( TouchDraw.CUSTOM, TouchDrawer drawer); on an instance of that class to get SMT to use it! There isn't a tutorial on it yet, but you could maybe take a look at the TexturedTouchDrawer class for some guidance.
  • SMT.init() now has the overloads SMT.init( PApplet parent, TouchSource... sources), and SMT.init( PApplet parent, int port, TouchSource... sources). This allows you to better identify exactly which touch sources you want. You can always use just TouchSource.AUTOMATIC, if you'd like.
  • Added TouchSource.AUTOMATIC to replace TouchSource.MULTIPLE.
  • Did a lot of work on the swipe keyboard - look forward to a demo/tutorial on it. In the meantime, take a look at examples/Demos/Keyboard if you're interested.
  • SMT now checks the current version of processing, and warns you if you're using an incompatible version.

API Changes:

  • SMT.addMethodClasses() and Zone.setBoundObject() have been deprecated. We strongly recommend not using them. If you're using processing alone, write your methods in your PApplet. If you're using processing with java, write a new class that extends Zone, or use an anonymous Zone class. You'll notice performance improvements when doing so.
  • Removed SMT.init()'s extraClasses parameter.
  • TouchSource.MULTIPLE has been deprecated. Use TouchSource.AUTOMATIC instead.
  • Deprecated Zone.physics, replace with the Zone.setPhysicsEnabled( boolean) and Zone.getPhysicsEnabled() accessor methods.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed anonymous Zone classes. ( Issue #152 )
  • Unified the data source for SMT.getTouchCount() and SMT.getTouches(). They should now be consistent. ( Issue #140 )
  • Tuio-based Touches are no longer duplicated.


  • Fixed and commented the viewport example
  • Reworked touch source connection code.
  • Did a lot of improvement on the javadocs.