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Awesome VS Code Awesome

A curated list of delightful Visual Studio Code packages and resources. For more awesomeness, check out awesome.

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Language packages extend the editor with syntax highlighting and/or snippets for a specific language or file format.

Lint and IntelliSense

In case the awesome nirvana that is linting has not yet been unleashed upon you:

lint was the name originally given to a particular program that flagged some suspicious and non-portable constructs (likely to be bugs) in C language source code. The term is now applied generically to tools that flag suspicious usage in software written in any computer language.

Unlike some other editors, VS Code supports IntelliSense, linting, outline out-of-the-box and doesn't require any separate extension to run linter packages. Some linters are already integrated in VS Code, you can find the full list in the official documentation, Languages section.




  • Go - Rich language support for the Go language.




  • tslint - TSLint for Visual Studio Code



  • phpcs - PHP CodeSniffer for Visual Studio Code


  • Python - Linting, Debugging (multi threaded, web apps), Intellisense, auto-completion, code formatting, snippets, unit testing, and more.


  • Rust - Linting, auto-completion, code formatting, snippets and more



Unfortunately, VS Code doesn't support custom UI themes yet https://github.com/Microsoft/vscode/issues/1833

If you're feeling brave, there are at least two custom UIs for VS Code:


Atom One Dark Theme

Features full workbench theming

Atom One Light Theme

Features full workbench theming


Base16 Ocean Kit


Atom One Dark Syntax Theme

An Old Hope Theme


Azure IoT Toolkit

Everything you need for the Azure IoT development: Interact with Azure IoT Hub; IoT Device Management; Discover Ethernet, USB serial, WiFi connected devices


Mark lines and jump to them

Copy Relative Path

Copy Relative Path from a File


Generating .gitignore files made easy.

Git History

View git log, file or line History

Git Project Manager

Automatically indexes your git projects and lets you easily toggle between them


GoTo current file's online link in browser and Copy the link in clipboard.


Provides Git CodeLens information (most recent commit, # of authors), on-demand inline blame annotations, status bar blame information, file and blame history explorers, and commands to compare changes with the working tree or previous versions.

Icon Fonts

Snippets for popular icon fonts such as Font Awesome, Ionicons, Glyphicons, Octicons, Material Design Icons and many more!

Multiple clipboards

Override the regular Copy and Cut commands to keep selections in a clipboard ring

Path Intellisense

Visual Studio Code plugin that autocompletes filenames

Project Manager

Easily switch between projects.

REST Client

Allows you to send HTTP request and view the response in Visual Studio Code directly.

Settings Sync

Synchronize settings, snippets, themes, file icons, launch, keybindings, workspaces and extensions across multiple machines using Github Gist

Settings Sync


Scaffold projects using Yeoman

Formatting & Beautification


Align text in vscode like the atom-alignment package

Auto Close Tag

Automatically add HTML/XML close tag, same as Visual Studio IDE or Sublime Text

Auto Rename Tag

Auto rename paired HTML/XML tags


Beautify code in place for VS Code

ECMAScript Quotes Transformer

Transform quotes of ECMAScript string literals

Paste and Indent

Paste code with "correct" indentation

Sort Lines

Sorts lines of text in specific order


Code Runner

Run code snippet or code file for multiple languages: C, C++, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, Go, Lua, Groovy, PowerShell, BAT/CMD, BASH/SH, F# Script, C# Script, VBScript, TypeScript, CoffeeScript, Scala, Swift, Julia, Crystal, OCaml Script

Color Highlight

Highlight web colors in your editor

Output Colorizer

Syntax highlighting for the VS Code Output Panel and log files



Dash integration in Visual Studio Code

Debugger for Chrome

A VS Code extension to debug your JavaScript code in the Chrome browser, or other targets that support the Chrome Debugging Protocol.

Editor Config for VS Code

Editor Config for VS Code


Auto-sync your work to remote FTP server


An open source ecosystem for IoT development: supports 350+ embedded boards, 20+ development platforms, 10+ frameworks. Arduino and ARM mbed compatible.


Rapid prototyping playground for JavaScript and TypeScript in VS Code, with access to your project's files, inline reporting, code coverage and rich output formatting.


Run various scripts right from VS Code


Send messages and code snippets, upload files to Slack

SVG Viewer

View an SVG in the editor and export it as data URI scheme or PNG.

SVG Viewer

Vim Mode

Relatively new, but promising extension implementing Vim features in VSCode. Authors suggest to join their Slack channel for feature requests on your favorite Vim features

Resources for extension developers



  • vscode-set-text - An easy-to-use VS Code #setText() method.
  • vscode-test-content - A method to set/get editor content, and it's selection. Especially useful for unit tests.



Contributions welcome! Read the contribution guidelines first.



To the extent possible under law, Valerii Iatsko has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.