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Demo app to showcase external integration with Viafirma Inbox API
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Demo project to show client integration against Viafirma Inbox API


This is a sample app to demonstrate how to integrate with Viafirma Inbox API. Please note that this is not a final product, just a demo. Feel free to send issues or pull requests to improve it.

Sample data

This demo app integrates with a Viafirma Inbox instance installed in:

Please, request API integration keys in order to use it by sending us an e-Mail.

Samples will be run with the Viafirma Inbox user with ID "99331100" and password "123456" (email: To sign with this user, you can use the certificate found in src/main/resources/demo_viafirma_inbox_123456.p12 (with PIN: "123456").


Run mvn tomcat7:run -Dsystem=[YOUR_SYSTEM] -Dapikey=[YOUR_API_KEY] to start the demo. Open http://localhost:8080/viafirma-inbox-sample to start browsing.

If you want to deploy this app inside your own Tomcat, just package the WAR using mvn package and use the context file under src/main/webapp/META-INF/context.xml, updating the parameters system and apikey.

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