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This is a high-performance native event loop abstraction for D, focused on asynchronous I/O and GUI message integration. The API is callback (delegate) based. For a higher level fiber based abstraction, take a look at vibe.d.

The API documentation is part of vibe.d:

DUB Package Posix Build Status Windows Build Status

Supported drivers and operating systems

Driver Linux Windows macOS FreeBSD Android iOS
SelectEventDriver yes yes yes yes¹
EpollEventDriver yes
WinAPIEventDriver yes
KqueueEventDriver yes yes¹
LibasyncEventDriver —¹ —¹ —¹ —¹

¹ planned, but not currenly implemented

Supported compilers

The following compilers are tested and supported:

  • DMD 2.087.1
  • DMD 2.086.1
  • DMD 2.085.1
  • DMD 2.084.1
  • DMD 2.079.0
  • LDC 1.17.0
  • LDC 1.16.0
  • LDC 1.15.0
  • LDC 1.14.0
  • LDC 1.13.0
  • LDC 1.9.0

Driver development status

Feature \ EventDriver Select Epoll WinAPI Kqueue Libasync
TCP Sockets yes yes yes yes
UDP Sockets yes yes yes yes
USDS yes yes yes
DNS yes yes yes yes
Timers yes yes yes yes
Events yes yes yes yes
Unix Signals yes² yes
Files yes yes yes yes
UI Integration yes¹ yes¹ yes yes¹
File watcher yes² yes yes yes²
Pipes yes yes yes
Processes yes yes yes

¹ Manually, by adopting the X11 display connection socket

² Systems other than Linux use a polling implementation

Open questions

  • Error code reporting
  • Enqueued writes
  • Use the type system to prohibit passing thread-local handles to foreign threads


High performance proactor event loop abstraction library




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