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Notice: Vibe has renamed to Cettia and is no longer maintained. Use Cettia.

Vibe Examples

This project contains various working examples demonstrating how to use Vibe. To run examples, either download or clone the repository and consult each example README. As several projects are involved, this repository doesn't use tag. Every example uses the latest versions.


An archetype example is a port of echo and chat example written in reference implementation and an bare-bones application which you can use as the starting point to write your own application.

  • A client
    • should connect to http://localhost:8080/vibe.
    • should fire echo event with some text data on open event.
    • should fire chat event with some text data on open event.
  • A server
    • should accept http://localhost:8080/vibe.
    • should send echo event back to the client that sent the event.
    • should broadcast chat event to every client that connected to the server.

Vibe Java Server

By platform
By platform on platform
By clustering
By dependency injection

Vibe JavaScript Client


A migration example is a port of other project's basic example or a simple application to help migrate into Vibe.