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Implementation of an xkcd reader for GNU Emacs.


Via package.el

emacs-xkcd is available on MELPA and Marmalade. Just add any of these to your package archives, and install the package with M-x package-install xkcd.

Via el-get

Emacs xkcd can also be installed using el-get. To do so, run M-x el-get-install xkcd

Via Git

Clone this repo to a desired location, add the directory to your load path:

(add-to-list 'load-path (expand-file-name "/path/to/emacs-xkcd"))
(require 'xkcd)



Viewing comics:

  • xkcd-get loads a user-specific xkcd.

Files are cached (for later offline viewing) by default to ~/.emacs.d/xkcd/. This can be changed by changing xkcd-cache-dir in emacs-xkcd’s customize menu. (customize-group xkcd)

  • xkcd loads the latest xkcd.


emacs-xkcd can be customized with M-x customize-group xkcd.

OptionUseDefault value
xkcd-cache-dirDirectory where images and json files are cached~/.emacs.d/xkcd/
xkcd-cache-latestFile where the latest cached xkcd’s number is stored~/.emacs.d/xkcd/latest


rLoad a random xkcd(xkcd-rand)
tShow alt-text in the minibuffer(xkcd-alt-text)
<right>Load next xkcd(xkcd-next)
<left>Loads previous xkcd(xkcd-prev)

Stuff yet to be added:

View title in user-defined faces.

Handle links to xkcd in Emacs with xkcd-get.