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"""Showcase what the output of pymunk.pyglet_util draw methods will look like.
See for a comparison to pygame.
__docformat__ = "reStructuredText"
import sys
import pyglet
import pymunk
from pymunk.vec2d import Vec2d
import pymunk.pyglet_util
import shapes_for_draw_demos
window = pyglet.window.Window(1000, 700, vsync=False)
space = pymunk.Space()
draw_options = pymunk.pyglet_util.DrawOptions()
captions = shapes_for_draw_demos.fill_space(space)
textbatch =
pyglet.text.Label('Demo example of shapes drawn by pyglet_util.draw()',
x=5, y=5, batch=textbatch, color=(100,100,100,255))
for caption in captions:
x, y = caption[0]
y = y - 10
pyglet.text.Label(caption[1], x=x, y=y, batch=textbatch, color=(50,50,50,255))
batch =
# otherwise save screenshot wont work
_ = pyglet.clock.ClockDisplay()
def on_draw():,255,255,255)
def on_key_press(symbol, modifiers):
if symbol == pyglet.window.key.P: