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Vue & Flask Bookstore with transactions through Stripe
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  1. Fork/Clone

  2. Sign up for Stripe (if you don't already have an account).

  3. Set the Stripe Secret key as an environment variable:

    $ cd server
  4. Run the server-side Flask app in one terminal window:

    $ cd server
    $ python3.6 -m venv env
    $ source env/bin/activate OR source/Scripts/active (this depends on your environment)
    (env)$ pip install -r requirements.txt
    (env)$ python

    Navigate to http://localhost:5000

  5. Update stripePublishableKey with the Stripe Publishable key in client/src/components/Order.vue.

  6. Run the client-side Vue app in a different terminal window:

    $ cd client
    $ npm install
    $ npm run dev

    Navigate to http://localhost:8080

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