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MapCSS for OSM hiking maps

A set of MapCSS style sheets that implements conventions often seen in Norwegian hiking and nordic skiing maps.

Cartography and symbols

The cartography in these maps are adopted from hiking maps published by Asker Skiklubb, which are essentially orienteering maps that have been cleaned up visually, and added POIs, place names and highlighting marked hiking trails and skiing tracks.

The style sheets are modular, making reuse and customization easier.

The hiking map includes rendering of the following tags:

  • trailblazed=yes (and marked_trail=blue for compatibility) –– marked hiking routes
  • route=hiking|bicycle|mtb relations -- signposted hiking and biking routes
  • trail_visibility=bad|intermediate -- indistinct trails are shown with open dashing
  • tracktype=grade1-2 -- often used on compact gravel tracks (no:turveier)
  • tracktype=grade3-5 -- tracks from tractors or logging machines
  • historic=path and route=historic -- ancient trails

The winter features will add rendering of skiing tracks:

  • piste:type=nordic|downhill
  • piste:grooming=*
  • piste:difficulty=*

Point of interest icons

Hiking related points are symbolized, including

  • serviced, provisioned or unlocked cabins and shelters
  • cultural heritage sites
  • viewpoints

These symbols are taken from the Symbol fonts for recreation and sport standard created by the Norwegian Mapping Authority. These and additional symbols are available in SVG format from

Buildings are drawn according to a scheme used in Specification for cartography on displays to keep commercial and residential buildings apart.

Installation and usage

Open JOSM Preferences and add the style sheet to your Map Paint Styles list by pasting this URL:

These style sheets are intended used on dark background (85% gray), and will override the color.background as well as the area object opacity (mappaint.fillalpha) settings.

To use the modules separately, add the raw view URL:

Loading the style sheets in this order will give an intended result:


For winter activities:


Hide node handles to reduce clutter:


More: Details on JOSM's MapCSS implementation.