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Hibernate 5.x integration for Vibur DBCP
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Vibur logo This project provides integration with Hibernate 5.x for Vibur DBCP.

The complete documentation of Vibur DBCP, including the full list of its features, various configuration examples with Hibernate and Spring, and many more, are available at

The project maven coordinates are:


PLEASE NOTE that after Vibur DBCP release 21.2 these vibur-dbcp-hibernateXYZ projects are not longer updated. These projects can still be used to integrate Vibur DBCP with Hibernate versions 3.6, 4.0-4.3, and 5.0, however, an explicit dependency on the concrete (different than 21.2) version of Vibur DBCP needs to be added to the user application. Also since Hibernate 5.3, there is a built-in Hibernate integration with Vibur DBCP via the hibernate-vibur module, where the default Vibur DBCP (transitively included) version can also be overridden with a different one, if needed.

Also see this part of the Vibur DBCP docs.

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