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This is the home for vic's dot-files managed by freshshell.

My intention is not just keep a backup of all my dot-files, but also have them a bit more organized - I constantly switch between linux and osx and want to keep some common configs.

If you don't know freshshell, it's something like rubygems for dot-files.


If you are vic or if you just want to clone all of vic's environment do:

curl -sL | bash -s

Using your own repo.

If you already have a github repository for your dot-files and would like to store your freshshell configuration on it, just give your github repo and location of freshrc to

curl -sL | bash -s you/repo config/freshrc


This particular repo is intended mainly for personal use, but if you find something that needs fixing or have some recommendations, or just want to use some snippets feel free to do so.

Something cool about freshshell is that people can collaborate on common configurations (like useful git aliases, utilities) to make day-to-day life better. If you create or find something worth sharing, be sure to update the freshshell directory - its being used like the search index by now.