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A tiny html widget for time tracking for basecamp projects.
The goal of this application is to provide an embeddable
html page, for tracking a day tasks with basecamp.
You can acess it on:
It will prompt you for a basecamp domain and api token
You can obtain the token from the bottom of your profile page on basecamp.
If you provide a basecamp domain on the URI, it will only prompt for the token
If you provide the token, the app wil auto login.
To add this app as a gmail gadget, just append /gmail.xml to the uri.
And add that to your gmail account.
- Right now,.. almost everything.
- We have an experimental google chrome extension at the chrome/ directory.
- Work on all browsers
- iPhone support, including touching.
- Make the heroku app, a twitter client, so it can read time tracking updates
from twitter with #bc hashtag . ej. twittering:
brb #bc
would mean I'm leaving and will be back soon.
now doing this #bc
for interacting it from:
- the command line !
- from krunner or gnome-do
- and from inside emacs !