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Rubinius helping Ruby swallow Java, one bytecode at a time.
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lib Started working on compiling to rbx bytecode Mar 10, 2011


The JVM is a stack-based bytecode interpreter with profile-driven JIT
compilation. So is Rubinius.

I like the following analogy: a funnel makes it easy to pour in one
direction. Pouring Ruby semantics into the JVM is like using a funnel
backwards. Let's turn this funnel right-side up and pour Java bytecode
into Rubinius.

The basic idea is to read in Java class files, translate the bytecode
and create Rubinius execution contexts, and run.

Anyway, don't expect any Enterprise (tm) level shit, I'm just playing
around at the moment. Cool?


Try it

    $ echo 'public class Hello {}' >
    $ javac
    $ bin/charm javap Hello

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