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The minimalist social network.

Are you tired of reading updates from people you dont even know?

Do you really have time to read all those hundred updates you dont even care about?

Do you feel social anxiety or feel bad if your follower count aproaches zero?

DogTail follow yourself.

DogTail is the social network just for you. No more a network full of strangers, the only contact for life is @yourself. DogTail is the only social network where you can talk freely with @yourself.

No need to worry about popularity, no more social anxiety for seeing your follower count aproach zero. Your followers count will remain constant from the beginning: 1!.

Follow people who you really care about.

Read updates that actually matter to you.

At DogTail all information is yours, there are no ownership issues, dont even DogTail sees your data, we respect your confidentiality, the only one who can see your information is yourself.

Publish anything you want, you dont have to worry what other people think about you.

The lonely ranger.

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