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0.9.1 release ()
- 2010-05 reverse iterators / backIterator() added to collection classes
by Noel Cower (nilium)
- 2010-05 lib-caching was added to rock, and partial recompilation is
much smarter with the .libs/ directory and .cacheinfo files.
Can be disabled with -nolibcache. Added by Amos Wenger (nddrylliog)
- 2010-05 ACS (awesome closure syntax) is in! Our closures capture syntax
and even generate trampoline functions to translate generic types
into specific types. Thanks Yannic Ahrens (showstopper) !
- 2010-05 oos now compiles under rock - we still have to figure out
a good syntax for stack-allocation of C arrays.
- 2010-04 Added support for ooc arrays, early implementation of this
0.9.0 release (2010-04-23 - 600+ downloads)
- 2010-04 : rock bootstraps under Gentoo, Ubuntu, Win32, OSX,
the first release of the 0.9.x branch is out!
- 2010-02 : rock compiles most, if not all, generic collection classes, produces correct code.
we're going toward self-hosting, fixing bugs as we encounter them.
- 2010-02 : twitter announcement: for the first time, rock, a 10k SLOC pure ooc codebase,
compiles under Win32, and produces executables with gcc. party?
- 2010-01 : Copying chunks of the sdk from j/ooc to rock/custom-sdk, generics for functions are mostly implemented,
classes still to come. Most control flow structures are implemented
(if/else/while/foreach/match/case/break/continue), decl-assign, 'This', member calls, covers, etc.
- 2009-11 : Wohow, resolving spree. Pretty much everything resolves now, straight/member accesses/calls
even accross different modules, with imports and all. Most of the syntax is parsed,
except generics, and only a few AST node types are missing. The code is a lot shorter and
clearer than j/ooc's, I have high hopes as to the maintainability of rock. Plus, it's still *fast*.
- 2009-11 : Most of the resolving architecture is now there, it resolve types at module scope
correctly. Still need to implement planned implementations that weren't in j/ooc
(e.g. sharing Types per module, except for generics, to group resolves)
- 2009-11 : Overwhelmed by complexity, rewrote the grammar as a reusable piece, in a separate
github project. nagaqueen (its fancy name) is now needed to make rock compile
- 2009-10 : Made a leg frontend, builds the AST, ported a lot of Java code with itrekkie,
rock now compiles things =)
- 2009-10 : Creating the AST structure, code generation works well, putting the
frontend on hold for a moment
- 2009-09 : The tokenizing code is all there, and it's working simply great.
Now onto constructing AST nodes.
- 2009-06 : Basic structure, it's gonna be some time till it can do anything useful