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Note: make install does two things
1) Copy the manpage to /usr/local/man/man1 (override with MAN_INSTALL_PATH)
2) Create a symbolic link from bin/rock to /usr/bin/rock
(override with PREFIX=/usr/local or BIN_INSTALL_PATH=~/bin)
You have a -source release
'make && sudo make install'
You have a binary release (e.g. rock-X.X.X-linux32, rock-X.X.X-win32, etc.)
'sudo make install'
Help! rock doesn't find its sdk!
Here's how rock tries to find it:
1) If the ROCK_SDK environment variable is set, take that path
2) If the ROCK_DIST environment variable is set, take $ROCK_DIST/custom-sdk
3) If none of the above are set, tries to locate itself and tries ../custom-sdk
(works if you've symlinked the rock executable to /usr/bin or something.)
Help! rock doesn't find its libraries!
The only lib rock depends on is the Boehm GC (if you don't turn it off
via -gc=off)
We have static binary builds of the Boehm GC for most platforms/archs,
look in rock/libs/
If we don't have your platform/arch, try to install the Boehm GC yourself,
and compile with -gc=dynamic (it'll link with -lgc instead of the static
binary builds)
Don't be afraid to open Makefile and build/Makefile