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Titanium Studio integration, Build for TestFlight

@doublerebel doublerebel released this Sep 17, 2013 · 12 commits to master since this release

Titanium Studio integration

Tintan will now precompile the JS from Coffee during its build hook triggered in Ti Studio. It will compile without sourcemaps when building for distribution. Studio then handles building and/or launching the app.

distribute:tf-android Build for TestFlight

This new task builds for distribution, but by default without using the Google Closure Compiler, leaving the JS unobfuscated. It then signs with the default Android debug keystore (rather than Ti's default tirocks keystore) to allow use of the TestFlight SDK. It leaves the .apk in project root which can be uploaded to TestFlight.

Now guesses at NODE_PATH

If NODE_PATH environment variable is not defined (a definite possibility on OSX), the bin/tintan 'binary' will look in the usual NODE_PATH places to find the tintan module.


Source Maps

@doublerebel doublerebel released this Sep 16, 2013 · 26 commits to master since this release

Source Maps in Tintan

Tintan is now compiled with source maps and the source-map-support package.

  • source-map-support enables CLI/V8 .coffee stack traces with correct line/column information and source line text
  • source maps are readable by node-inspector to give coffee sources and traces in the debugger

Source Maps in Android Apps

Coffee/Iced compiler now optionally builds source maps that are readable by node inspector! The compiler embeds the maps as base64 into the compiled JS. Source Maps map to the local file source from the project folder.

To ease this process there are two task changes:


force will touch -m all coffee sources and recompile them.


watch now compiles with the exact same process as coffee:compile. This enables the embedded/local source mapping even when watching.

iOS's JSCore and ti-inspector do not yet have this same support, but it's a definite possibility going forward.


Upgrade task

@doublerebel doublerebel released this Sep 14, 2013 · 41 commits to master since this release

tintan upgrade

Tintan locks itself to the currently installed version, to prevent package upgrades from affecting the build system. Therefore, to upgrade tintan on a project, first update it from npm, then let tintan update itself:

$ npm update tintan
$ tintan upgrade

Tintan will then:

  • Update the Sublime Text build system integration in <project>.sublime-project
  • Update the Titanium Studio and CLI python compiler plugin
  • Update the plugin version in tiapp.xml
  • Update the Tintan version in the project package.json
  • Add the repository to the project package.json if not yet defined
  • Update the npm modules for the project

Tintan will not:

  • Overwrite the existing package.json or <project>.sublime-project with a template
  • Overwrite a that is newer than the one in its package
  • Overwrite the existing non-empty value of repository in package.json

This is to allow for customization. To get Tintan to recreate these files/values from template, delete them before tintan upgrade.


Config system, Sublime Text build system

@doublerebel doublerebel released this Sep 11, 2013 · 49 commits to master since this release

Jake syntax had minor changes, dependency is now >=0.5.17 jakejs/jake@38698d6 . Also:

Sublime Text build system boot:sublime

  • Closed #5 • Add sublime-project build system to boot

Upgrade task upgrade

  • Closed #6 • Tintan plugin version number should be upgradeable

Config system! config

  • Closed #7 • Support building for debugger
  • Closed #8 • Add Iced CoffeeScript compiler option
  • Closed #9 • AVD name should be configurable...

For details on how to use new Config system, see README.