Waxeye makes language development easy and fun. It uses scanner-less parsing, grammar testing, automatic AST generation and language independent, modular parsing expression grammars (PEGs). Currently, supports C, Java, Python, Ruby and Scheme.
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| Waxeye Parser Generator                  |
| v 0.7.0                                  |
| www.waxeye.org                           |
| Copyright (C) 2008 Orlando D. A. R. Hill |

What is Waxeye?

Waxeye makes language development easy and fun. With Waxeye, you can rapidly
explore ideas for the syntax of your language.

Whether you are creating a full programming language, a domain-specific
language or just a simple data format, Waxeye will get you there faster.


* Scanner-less Parsing

* Language Independent, Reusable Grammars

* Modular, Composable Grammars

* Grammar Testing

* Automatic AST Generation

* Choice of Programming Language
  - C
  - Java
  - Python
  - Ruby
  - Scheme

User Manual

Waxeye's user manual is in 'docs/manual.html'. The latest version is also
online at http://waxeye.org/manual.html.


Unix, OSX:
1. Extract the files of the distribution.

2. Copy the 'waxeye' directory to where you wish to install it.

3. Add the 'bin/waxeye' binary to your search path. e.g. If you have '~/bin' in
   your PATH and installed waxeye to '/usr/local/waxeye' then you might do the
   following. ln -s /usr/local/waxeye/bin/waxeye ~/bin/

1. Extract the files of the distribution.

2. Copy the 'waxeye' directory to where you wish to install it.


1. Install MzScheme v4; either with DrScheme or alone.

2. Install Waxeye's backend for PLT Scheme.
   Unix, OSX:
   sudo ln -s /usr/local/waxeye/src/scheme/waxeye /usr/local/plt/lib/plt/collects/

   Copy the directory 'src/scheme/waxeye' into your PLT-Scheme 'collects'
   directory. For example, that might be 'C:\Program Files\PLT\collects'.

3. Build Waxeye
   Unix, OSX:


   - If your PLT-Scheme installation isn't 'C:\Program Files\PLT' then you will
   need to modify 'build\exe.bat' to use the correct path.

   - From your Waxeye installation directory, run the 'build\exe.bat' script in a
   command prompt.

   - When the script has finished, press 'y' then 'Enter' to remove the
   temporary files.


Unix, OSX:
Use 'waxeye'.

Use a command prompt to run `waxeye.exe`. Note: If using the interpreter under
Windows, you will need to press 'Ctrl-z' and then 'Enter' after the input you
want to interpret.


MIT/X11 - All files (except the user manual) are under the permissive MIT/X11

GNU FDL - Waxeye's user manual is under the GNU Free Documentation License.
This includes the files 'doc/book/book' and 'doc/manual.html'.


Feel free to contact me, if you are having trouble or want to give feedback.

Either email me directly:
orlandodarhill at Gmail.com

Or signup and post on the mailing list: