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Light Switch Example

This example provides very simple implementation for NLI-powered light switch. You can say something like turn the lights off in the entire house or switch on the illumination in the master bedroom closet. You can easily modify intent callbacks to perform the actual light switching using HomeKit or Arduino-based controllers.


You can run this example from command line or IDE in a similar way:

  1. Run REST server:
    • Main class: org.nlpcraft.NCStart
    • Program arguments: -server
  2. Run data probe:
    • Main class: org.nlpcraft.NCStart
    • VM arguments: -DNLPCRAFT_PROBE_MODELS=org.nlpcraft.examples.lightswitch.LightSwitchModel
    • Program arguments: -probe
  3. Run test:
    • JUnit 5 test: org.nlpcraft.examples.lightswitch.LightSwitchTest
    • or use NLPCraft REST APIs with your favorite REST client


See Getting Started guide for more instructions on how to run these examples.

For any questions, feedback or suggestions:


Copyright (C) 2013-2019 DataLingvo Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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