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A simple blog powered by Django
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DPress is a simple blog powered by Django.

demo site:


run on Django dev server

  • Clone DPress repository from git://
  • install virtualenv: pip install virtualenv
  • use scripts env.rc(source env.rc) to create and start DPress environment.
  • $mg is a shortcut for "python "
  • $mg syncdb
  • $mg migrate
  • $mg runserver
  • DPress Admin
  • DPress


  • copy sites/settings/pre.sample to sites/settings/ and config it.
  • copy sites/settings/local.sample to sites/settings/ and config it.

use theme moment

  • moment is a theme designed by Hsiaoming Yang
  • copy sites/settings/pre.sample to sites/settings/
  • modify and set "SETTINGS = 'theme_moment'"
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