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Reusable workflow library for Django.

django-lb-workflow supports Django 1.10+ on Python 3.4+.

Demo site

Demo site:

username: admin password: password

Switch to another user:

Stop switch:


Read the official docs here:


Workflow is on PyPI so all you need is:

pip install django-lb-workflow


Install pipenv and create a virtualenv:

pip3 install pipenv
make pyenv

Spawns a shell within the virtualenv:

pipenv shell


Running the test suite is as simple as:

make test

Run test project

Running the test project is as simple as:

python testproject/ bower_install
python testproject/
make run

Demo for create a new flow

You can find demo code in lbworkflow/tests/leave.

testproject/ is a demo for how to generate base code for a flow. The model for this flow is in /lbworkflow/tests/issue.