Stop text-to-speech alerts by your favorite hotkey!

Forked from kc5nra/obs-browser and enchanted with Hotkeys support.


  • Download as zip or clone repo
  • Navigate to extracted zip folder or cloned repo folder
  • Turn off OBS Studio (if currently running)
  • Move folders "data" and "obs-plugins" to your obs-studio install folder (For example: C:\Program Files (x86)\obs-studio) with replacing


  • Run OBS Studio
  • Click on "Add source"
  • Choose "Browser Source"
  • Set correct name and click on "Add"
  • Fill URL with correct link and press "OK"
  • Open OBS Studio Settings
  • Navigate to Hotkeys section
  • Press favorite hotkey for "Stop text-to-speech donation" action
  • Click apply and you're done


  • You can use modifiers such as CTRL and ALT for creating hotkeys
  • You can use multiply browsers with different or the same hotkey
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