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To make VisuGps work:
1) Download project from github:
2) Download plovr from and place it in VisuGps3 root folder
3) Copy build/*.js.dist to build/*.js, and cusomize the options
The options are:
    "": 'domain1="key1" domain2="key2" *="fallback key"',
    "vgps3.Map.GOOGLE_API_KEYS": 'domain1="key1" domain2="key2" *="fallback key"',
    "vgps3.airspace.FUSION_TABLE_ID": "Encrypted ID of the fusion table"
4) Edit src/vgps3/viewer.js if you need to disable some plugins
5) There must be a valid track parser (the one from VisuGps, former release) available,
 The default adress is: "php/vg_proxy.php?track=", see the track.js plugin
 But you can configure it in the map file: "vgps3.track.PROXY_URL": "...whatever path you like..."
  - the track parsers need to be grabbed from VisuGps (the previous version, which can be found at:, VisuGps/visugps/php/ folder)
6) Open terminal/console and go to VisuGPS root folder 
7) Now you're ready to compile development version of plugin, you can run "make serve" in your console/termnal command line, now if you go to in your browser map should appear NOTES: 
 - the root folder has to be served through apache + mod_php 
 - you need to have Java and make installed
8) Once your are happy with everything you can build a release version by running "make dist/vgps3.js"
9) You can then point your browser to "vgps3.html"
10) Now you have your "dist" folder with final result files
11) In vgps3.html source contains basic use of the plugin, which you place in your project where you want to display map
12) In order to make all icons and pictures appear in your project, you have to change default paths in project (easiest way to do it is to just find all occurrences of "img/" in VisuGps3 folder, and change them to yours)
13) To show track you need to pass path to it as parameter to "?track=" to wherever you display map (point 9)
 - you can now display multiple tracks: vgps3.html?track=<url to track1>&track=<url to track 2>&...

- Remember! Anytime you change config you have to build visugps.js again (point 10)
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