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Sounding forecast for paraglider pilots.

Example Sounding

How to use the plugin

  1. Click on the hamburger menu at the top left of

Hamburger menu

  1. Click on "Install Windy Plugin":

Install plugins

  1. Type the name of the plugin "windy-plugin-sounding" and click on "Load plugin":

Load windy-plugin-sounding

  1. Right-click anywhere on the map and select "Better Sounding" to display the sounding forecast:

Context menu

The sounding appears on the left side of screen:

Context menu

A few notes:

  • You can scroll (mouse wheel) on the sounding diagram to go forward/backward in time - (pressing ctrl or shift will jump to the next/previous day),
  • The blue line shows the dewpoint,
  • The red line shows air temperature,
  • The green line shows the temperature of an ascending parcel,
  • The hatched area across the graph shows the convective layer (cumulus clouds),
  • The left area shows clouds (excluding cumulus),
  • The top-most area show upper level clouds (i.e. up to ~15km),
  • The wind graph shows wind from 0-30km/h in the left part (white background) and from 30 to max speed in right part (red background),
  • The title shows which model is used ("GFS" in this example - note that not all models are supported),
  • The axis units match your windy settings.


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