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The map of Vaguely Rude Place Names
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Vaguely Rude Place Names Map

Gentle Introduction

The Vaguely Rude Place Names Map is a simple web mash up of places which, to the British sense of humour, sound vaguely rude and thus are, by definition, funny. If you're not British, it might be confusing why this is amusing.

Meanwhile, here's a blog post which may, or may not, explain how the map came into being.


The source code for the Vaguely Rude Places Map is licensed under the MIT License.

All site content is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license.

All GeoJSON and ShapeFile downloads are licensed under the Open Data Commons Attribution license.


Thanks and credit is due to the following people and organisations:


If you're interested, the Vaguely Rude Places Map is built out of the following, fabulous, open source components:


Either fork or clone the master GitHub repository.

Install the map's Bower dependencies.

$ bower install

Install the map's Grunt dependencies.

$ npm install

Build the source.

$ grunt build

By default, the map's Gruntfile.js builds for a production environment, with a build target of dist, so that

$ grunt build


$ grunt build --target=dist

are synonymous.

To build for a development environment, which includes the map's test Maptiks tracking code, and keeping the concatenated Javascript source uncompressed, use the dev build target.

$ grunt build --target=dev

If you don't want to use Maptiks map analytics, remove the corresponding dependencies from the cdndeps and concat Grunt tasks.

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