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…Foursquare account nature of the plugin.
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@@ -20,6 +20,8 @@ Setting and options include:
1. Choose the zoom level of the map display.
1. Choose whether to show private checkins on the map.
+The current version of this plugin allows you to associate a single Foursquare account with your WordPress site; associating multiple Foursquare accounts, one per user account is not currently supported.
== Installation ==
1. You can install WP Quadratum automatically from the WordPress admin panel. From the Dashboard, navigate to the *Plugins / Add New* page and search for *"WP Quadratum"* and click on the *"Install Now"* link.
@@ -45,6 +47,10 @@ In short, very easily. But before you read any further, take a look at [Asking F
Absolutely. Go to the [WP Quadratum home page]( for the latest information. There's also the official [WordPress plugin repository page]( and the [source for the plugin is on GitHub]( as well.
+= I have multiple authors on my site; can I have a widget for each author's Foursquare account?
+In the current version, no. In the current version, you can link a single Foursquare account with your WordPress site (multi-site or network sites may work, assuming each site is for a single user but I haven't tested this). The plugin is currently designed to support a WordPress site which is used for a personal blog (in other words, exactly the way my site is set up). Future versions of the plugin *may* support this if people ask for this feature (assuming anyone apart from myself actually *uses* it!).
= Nokia Maps? Really? =
Yes. Really. At the time of writing (April 2012) 196 countries, 75M Places, 2.4M map changes a day. That sort of really. All available through a set of developer friendly APIs.

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