Mapping where you've been according to Foursquare via privatesquare
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Where You've Been According To Foursquare

Gentle Introduction

This is a simple set of PHP scripts to visualise your Foursquare checkin history. You'll need a source of all of your checkins; you can either get these via the Foursquare API or you can run your own instance of privatesquare to keep an up-to-date copy of them. These scripts assume you're using privatesquare on the same web server that you'll be using to serve the map up.


You'll need to make a copy of the config.php.sample file and name it config.php. You'll need to edit this file with specifics for your privatesquare database configuration.

# Edit the database hostname, username, password and database name
# to match your privatesquare instance.

$config['hostname'] = 'localhost';
$config['user'] = 'user';
$config['password'] = 'password';
$config['database'] = 'privatesquare';

# Edit to match the user id your Foursquare account has in privatesquare. If you're the
# sole user, you can probably leave this unchanged (see the users table)

$config['userid'] = 1;

Now change to the tools directory and run the extract-checkins.php script.

$ cd tools
$ php ./extract-checkins.php

If all goes well and there's no problems accessing the database, this script will create a Javascript file, containing all your checkins in GeoJSON format as js/checkins-geojson.js. It's probably a good idea to check that this file exists and isn't empty.

The GeoJSON will contain all of your checkins from your privatesquare instance at the time that you run extract-checkins.php; you might want to add this to your crontab, if your web host permits this, to run regularly and create a (relatively) up-to-date set of checkin information.

Meanwhile, here's a blog post, which may or may not explain this.