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An interface for performing queries in MongoDB using query string parameters.
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About Mongoid::QueryStringInterace

Gives some methods that can parse query string parameters into a set of criterias that Mongoid can use to perform actual queries in MongoDB databases for a given model.



This is a gem, so you can install it by:

sudo gem install mongoid_query_string_interface

Or, if you are using rails, put this in your Gemfile:

gem 'mongoid_query_string_interface'


To use it, just extend Mongoid::QueryStringInterface in your document model:

class Document
  include Mongoid::Document
  extend Mongoid::QueryInterfaceString

  # ... add fields here

Then, in your controllers put:

def index
  @documents = Document.filter_by(params)
  # ... do something like render a HTML template or a XML/JSON view of documents

That's it! Now you can do something like this:|rails|mongodb&tags.nin=sql|java&

This would get all documents which have the tags 'ruby', 'rails' and 'mongo', and that don't have both 'sql' and 'java' tags, and that were updated after 2010-01-01, ordered by descending created_at. It will return 10 elements per page, and the 3rd page of results.

You could even query for embedded documents, and use any of the Mongodb conditional operators:

Which would get all documents that have been commented by 'Shrek'. Basically, any valid path that you can use in a Mongoid::Criteria can be used here, and you can also append any of the Mongodb conditional operators.

You can sort results by passing a order_by parameter this:


Which is the same as:

To order by more than one field:|updated_at.desc

Check the specs for more use cases.


  • Vicente Mundim: vicente.mundim at gmail dot com
  • Wandenberg Peixoto: wandenberg at gmail dot com
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