Most frequently asked questions at Vice
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Most frequently asked questions at Vice

How many coins do I need to run a masternode?

  • 5,000 VICE

What is the max. coin supply of VICE ?

  • 21,000,000 VICE

What is the reward breakdown?

  • 85% Masternodes, 15% PoS

Where can I download a wallet?

  • Directly on our Github, wallets repository. Windows and Linux available (Apple comming soon). Ofcourse you can also download it from our website

Do you have a masternode setup guide and script?

My deposit/withdraw from CryptoBridge is missing, why?

  • Deposits and withdraws from CryptoBridge or others exchanges can have a delay. Check the coin info and news from the exchange if they have any issues at the moment. You can open a support ticket on the exchanhe if you find and issue on the exchange

Do you offer an escrow service to buy VICE OTC

  • Yes, you can contact us directly via our official discord lounge at the following url: . We recommend that you purchase all VICE through CryptoBridge after the PRESALE.

Somebody just private messaged me offering to sell me VICE, is this safe?

  • We recommend that you don't do this because it is possible that you may be scammed. It is much safer to carry out all transactions on the exchange

What does coin maximum age mean?

  • This is the maximum amount of time that your coins continue to grow in weight

Why has my coin age and weight stopped increasing ?

  • This is because your coins have reached their maximum age

What is the mature time of the coin and is my coin gaining weight when its maturing?

  • Once your coins have been deposited into your wallet, they have staked, or you send coins to another person, the coins in the input from your wallet need to mature. To do this they need wait an initial time period of between 8 and 48 hours (usually 8 hours), during this time the coins are receiving confirmations from the network. After the initial time period, for each confirmation your input receives, you will see your weight increase. Until 10 days are reached, when it will stop gaining weight.

I was on twitter and saw that you were giving away free if I deposited a smaller amount of currency to test the wallet was working. Is this offer real?

  • No, this is a common scam. If we do give away VICE, we will NEVER ask you to deposit coins first

My PC just crashed and now my wallet will not open up, what should I do?

  • Delete all files from your vice folder EXCEPT wallet.dat and masternodes.conf (if you have any) and restart the vice wallet.

I just opened my wallet and my masternode is MISSING

  • Give it some time, wait for 10 minutes. The wallet needs some time to discover all the masternodes in the network.

What is Coin Control and how to use it?

Will be continuously be updated.