Vicinity adapter based on Eclipse Kura IoT gateway framework
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VICINITY Kura Adapter

Eclipse Kura: Introduction

Eclipse Kura is an Eclipse IoT project that provides a platform for building IoT gateways. It is a smart application container that enables remote management of such gateways and provides a wide range of APIs for allowing you to write and deploy your own IoT application. This open source Java and OSGi (Open Services Gateway initiative)-based framework simplify the design, deployment and remote management of embedded applications.

Kura runs on top of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and leverages OSGi, a dynamic component system for Java, to simplify the process of writing reusable software building blocks. It offers API access to the hardware interfaces of IoT Gateways (serial ports, GPS, watchdog, GPIOs, I2C, etc.). It also offers OSGI bundle to simplify the management of network configurations, the communication with IoT servers, and the remote management of the gateway.

Kura Adapter Deployment and Configuration

In order to use the VICINITY Kura Adapter, you should firstly setup the eclipse IDE, clone and import this repository. The following link,'s-page could help you. Secondly Eclipse Kura should be installed on your Raspberry Pi. Here, there are the steps to follow.

After connecting Raspberry with eclipse Kura, export three bundles from Eclipse and save them. The "org.unikl.adapter.integrator" bundle is the main bundle, which is responsible to create VICINITY Adapter interface. The next one, "org.unikl.adapter.VicinityObjectInterface" makes object accessible. The third bundle, "org.unikl.adapter.philipshue" is a chosen example of using VICINITY Kura Adapter to control the Philips Hue lamps. You can use this Adapter also for other purposes like controlling the temperature using temperature sensor, etc.

Additionally, you need to download five following bundles: jackson-jaxrs-json-provider-2.4.5.jar, jackson-annotations-2.4.0.jar, jackson-core-2.4.5.jar, jackson-databind-2.4.5.jar and jackson-jaxrs-base-2.4.5.jar.

Next step is to import all eight bundles in Raspberry-framework and then let them start.

NOTE: In “org.unikl.adapter.philipshue”-codes, you should write the “lastIpAddress” that match the IP address of the Hue Bridge on your network.

Now you are able to control your Philips Hue lamp, bulb1. For example, you can change the color using PUT, then http://your-raspberry-ip-address/objects/bulb1/properties/color.

Functionality and API

At this moment, Vicinity adapter based on Eclipse Kura provides two properties (color and brightness) and one action (switch). Using the VICINITY Kura adapter, it is possible to control color and brightness of a Philips Hue light and to switch off the light. Every property/action has read link (GET-method) and write link (PUT-Method for property and POST-method for action).

NOTE: This repository provides the functionality with the previous version of VICINITY. In order to match the new version, some codes should be changed.