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1. Infrastructure overview

This is a Vicinity Adapter for CERTH-ITI Smart House Infrastructure.It adapts SiteWhere IoT Platform, which is used for CERTH-ITI Smart House devices, to Vicinity.

2. Configuration and deployment

Build using Maven

In the root folder of the project:

mvn clean install

Deploy on Tomcat 8.5

Copy the SiteWhereAdapter-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.war file from ./target directory of the project to /webapps directory located on Tomcat server and start Tomcat server or use Manager web application http://host-IP:port/manager/html for deployment (you need manager-gui role to be allowed to access it).

3. Functionality and API


  • GET /objects (optional): Retrieve all devices Thing Descriptions(TDs) for registration to VICINITY. This functionality is optional since auto-registration will be performed, so the adapter will send the TDs to the agent at start-up.
  • GET /objects/{oid}/properties/{pid} : Get the latest value of a property of a device e.g. get set temperature of HVAC
  • PUT /objects/{oid}/properties/{pid}: Set the latest value of a property of a device e.g. set cooling or heating mode of HVAC
  • POST / objects/{oid}/actions/{aid}: Make an action e.g. open or close HVAC.
  • GET / objects/{oid}/actions/{aid}: Get status of an action e.g. HVAC is on or off.