Web based application to manage devices and services registered in VICINITY Neighbourhood manager.
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VICINITY Neighbourhood Manager

VICINITY Neighbourhood Manager is a web-based application that creates a platform for users an their IoT infrastructures with an intuitive visual control. The users can contract added-value services that can access their devices connected to the VICINITY Platform to collect data and control them.

In VICINITY Neighbourhood Manager, as in regular social networks, it is possible to establish partnerships with other users and gain read or control access to their devices.

The users can set privacy levels to each device and service they have registered in VICINITY. The privacy levels range from:

  • Private – Visible only within the user organisation.
  • Visible for friends – Visible also for organisations that were befriended.
  • Public - Visible for the whole platform.

In order to register device and service user needs to create so called gateway and set-up VICINITY Gateway and VICINITY Adapter to connect his devices and services to VICINITY Platofrm. To set-up VICINITY Gateway and VICINITY Adapter please consult following repositories:

VICINITY Neighbourhood Manager is publicly accessible over the internet.

Visit the WIKI to learn everything about it