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A tool focused on the development workflow with kubernetes and multiple repositories.
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Repoflow tool

Repoflow is a tool adn workflow to help you work with microservices and multiple repositories with Kubernetes.


Some of the features to help your team be more productive are:

This tool will help you to have a scalable code base, you can follow the build process of our blog as a real example on how to evolve and grow a microservices system with help of the repoflow tool.

You can find an opensource example of a complete microservices system on Kubernetes live in production in our blog, with this real example you can lean about all the interation of the different entities of a Kubernetes system.

Getting started

  • Download the latest linker-tool release and run the script
curl -fsSL | tar -xzv


Once you have the tool up and running you can add any plugin, this is a list of the plugins that we use, you can modify them or use them as well.

(Only those plugins are needed for the development of the Repoflow tool itself, the linker (Kubernetes and local client) and the blog on Kubernetes)


  • Only works with ssh protocol
  • Tested only in ubuntu or within docker-compose

Checkout our other tools and resources focused on increase the developers productivity working with multiple services and kubernetes.

  • linker-tool: repository A team focused tool to connect to Kubernetes service, ingress and nodes ports and replace services with local ports.
  • microservices: repository A blog about it's own development and evolution running on kubernetes.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details

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