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📚 Learn Kotlin programming right on your phone 📱 through a series of 40+ short coding challenges.
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Kotlin Kōans for Android

Learn Kotlin programming through a series of 40+ short coding challenges. These are the original koans from Jetbrains (also available online at that you can now solve on your phone!

Get it on Google Play


  • Learn Kotlin syntax and standard library
  • Each coding challenge lasts a few minutes
  • In each challenge, you'll be directed to read some documentation and then write some code to make the tests pass
  • Get feedback as you learn with compilation errors, runtime errors, println() and test results
  • Track your progress through the 40+ challenges
  • Try any challenge - challenges need not be completed in order
  • Go back and review your saved code from prior challenges
  • Stuck? See the solution by tapping the '?' icon
  • Messed up code? Revert code to try a new approach
  • Feeling adventurous? Go meta! Kotlin Kōans is written in Kotlin and is open-source! Hack on the code all you want.

Bug reports? Any other feedback?

File an issue

Developer setup

Setup is as simple as importing the project into Android Studio and building (assuming you have the correct build tools and Android SDK).

If you face any issues setting this up, please let me know by filing a new issue.

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