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What users say

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Several users have reviewed Quill on their blogs (without any prompting from me, I may add) and apparently they :heart: it. Thought I'd save the links here. There's also a bunch of nice reviews over on the Google Play Store.

Quill makes it easier to work on your blog. Get some thoughts down and check on a few things. Personally I :heart: it


One of the reasons I'm really enjoying using Ghost is because I've got mobile blogging down to a tee. With a nice little selection of apps, I can write offline :zap:, get the media ready and get posts up from my phone or tablet with a minimum of fuss. Here's what I'm using...

  • Quill - that a relatively small platform has such a fantastic, Open Source, free app like Quill is nothing short of miraculous. It's brilliant. This app connects to your :ghost: blog and allows you to write, edit and manage your posts from Android. It supports media upload, markdown previews, tag editing, auto slug updating, publishing and basically everything you need, all in a good looking material design package. :heart: it.

Paul O'Brien's blog

The key elements that I've enjoyed the most is the lightweight text entry that most apps simply don't get right.

As a third party App, it handles the Ghost Blog posting super smooth. I'm yet to find a fault with the system (except the horrible choice of colors in the UI).

I suspect I'll be using this for most of my content work as the ease of use is too hard to pass up.

The Punchline, Marcus W K Wong's blog

Perhaps I should reconsider the theme :stuck_out_tongue: (or allow an option to change it at least)

I downloaded the Quill Android client for :ghost: to make it nice and easy to post short thoughts, and try and write something, anything, just a little more regularly, and hopefully things will flow from that.

A quick shout out to the developer of Quill, who was responded to my support query almost instantly, and completely accurately (I had a problem with a missing intermediate SSL certificate). I'll post a review of Quill on the Play store once I've had a little more time with it, but the early signs are very promising with support like that.

Tom Clark's blog

Feedback over email (anonymous)

We are traveling around the world and we use your app often. The app is great, we :heart: it. Good work :)

I absolutely :heart: the design of your app

just wanted to say that I :heart: Quill. Really, well done. Just what we needed!

Really digging the app. Simple, stylish, and works exactly as it should!

Thanks for that great app! It's really :sunglasses: to write and edit blog posts with it.

Your App is :sunglasses:!, thank you.

Thank you for your :sunglasses: app

a beautiful :ghost: app. Here you have a new loyal user. Thanks for your work!

:heart: your app

Google Play Reviews

This is what :ghost: was missing. Quill is the app to manage your Ghost blog. With the offline support :zap: Quill is a perfect fit for mobile blogging. The handling is absolutely intuitive and the app itself offers a very polished user experience.

This is the :ghost: tool I have waited for with offline editing and perfect material design aesthetic :art: this app hands down feels like an offical app with every feature supported perfectly and responsively

:heart: it! Offline mode :zap: is just perfect.

Works really great. Incredibly well designed :art:, and free to boot! Thanks for an :sunglasses: app.

This app works fantastically with self-hosted Ghost :ghost:. It makes mobile publishing so much easier.

Just :heart: it. Simple, awesome and free.

The best way to use :ghost: from a mobile device!

This might honestly be the best app ever

Can't believe this app is free and so damn good!

Amazing work. Basically flawless.

Stunning and simple to use.

This is EXACTLY what I wanted!

This app is incredible

Wow, what a great app! Thank you so much!

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