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Contains basic, home assistant component, arduino sketch
and some basic instructions.
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Smart Wifi Enabled Curtains

This projects provides instructions on how to build a smart wifi enabled system for your existing rod based curtains.

The original blog post can be found here:

Hardware Links

Item Amazon Ebay
Nema 17 stepper motor $13.99 $6.99
TB6600 stepper motor driver $13.20 $9.96
Vibration dampener $11.45 $2.98
Mounting bracket $6.50 $2.82
Timing belt pulley kit $12.98 $8.79
NodeMCU (ESP8266) microcontroller $5.98 $5.80
12V DC power supply $7.77 $8.99
Total Cost $71.87 $46.33

Programming the NodeMCU

The arduino sketch for the microcontroller that controls the curtain is found in curtain_control.ino. It can be compiled using the Arduino IDE.

Home Assistant

This repository contains a custom component for home assistant which exposes the curtain as a cover.

Please see home_assistant/ for more instructions on how to use it.