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// NSTask+CXAdditions.h
// Created by Chris Thomas on 2006-10-20.
// Copyright 2006 Chris Thomas. All rights reserved.
@interface NSTask (CXAdditions)
// For the three methods below:
// Argument index 0 is an absolute path to the executable.
// Each file/data/string output is allocated and returned to the caller unless the caller passes NULL.
// input may be NULL, an NSString object, or an NSData object.
// Return a task (not yet launched) and optionally allocate stdout/stdin/stderr streams for communication with it
+ (NSTask *) taskWithArguments:(NSArray *)arguments
input:(NSFileHandle **)outWriteHandle
output:(NSFileHandle **)outReadHandle
error:(NSFileHandle **)outErrorHandle;
// Atomically execute the task and return output as data
+ (int) executeTaskWithArguments:(NSArray *)args
outputData:(NSData **)outputData
errorString:(NSString **)errorString;
// Atomically execute the task and return output as string
+ (int) executeTaskWithArguments:(NSArray *)args
outputString:(NSString **)outputString
errorString:(NSString **)errorString;
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