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(let ((ex (ExMap defaultMap)))
    (ex define:"!" syntax:"rex|" as:"ex_bang:")
    (ex define:"#" syntax:"rc" as:"ex_goto:")
    ;(ex define:"&" syntax:"em" as:"ex_subagain:")
    ;(ex define:'("*" "@") syntax:"R" as:"ex_at:")
    ;(ex define:"<" syntax:"rc" as:"ex_shift_left:")
    ;(ex define:">" syntax:"rc" as:"ex_shift_right:")
    ((ex define:'("buffer" "b") syntax:"E1" as:"ex_buffer:") setCompletion:(ViBufferCompletion new))
    ((ex define:"sbuffer" syntax:"E1" as:"ex_buffer:") setCompletion:(ViBufferCompletion new))
    ((ex define:"vbuffer" syntax:"E1" as:"ex_buffer:") setCompletion:(ViBufferCompletion new))
    ((ex define:"tbuffer" syntax:"E1" as:"ex_buffer:") setCompletion:(ViBufferCompletion new))
    ((ex define:"bdelete" syntax:"!e1" as:"ex_bdelete:") setCompletion:(ViBufferCompletion new))
    (ex define:'("cd" "chdir") syntax:"!e1x" as:"ex_cd:")
    (ex define:"close" syntax:"!" as:"ex_close:")
    (ex define:'("copy" "t") syntax:"rL" as:"ex_copy:")
    (ex define:'("delete" "d") syntax:"rRc" as:"ex_delete:")
    (ex define:'("edit" "e") syntax:"!+e1x" as:"ex_edit:")
    (ex define:"eval" syntax:"r" as:"ex_eval:")
    (ex define:"export" syntax:"E" as:"ex_export:")
    ;(ex define:'("global" "g") syntax:"r%!/e|" as:"ex_global:")
    ;(ex define:"join" syntax:"r!c" as:"ex_join:")
    ;(ex define:'("mark" "k") syntax:"re1" as:"ex_mark:")
    ;(ex define:"map" syntax:"!e" as:"ex_map:")
    (ex define:'("move" "m") syntax:"rL" as:"ex_move:")
    ;(ex define:"put" syntax:"rR" as:"ex_put:")
    (ex define:"pwd" syntax:"" as:"ex_pwd:")
    (ex define:"quit" syntax:"!" as:"ex_quit:")
    ;(ex define:"read" syntax:"rfe1x" as:"ex_read:")
    (ex define:'("s" "substitute") syntax:"r~c" as:"ex_substitute:")
    (ex define:"set" syntax:"e" as:"ex_set:")
    ((ex define:"setfiletype" syntax:"E1" as:"ex_setfiletype:") setCompletion:(ViSyntaxCompletion new))
    (ex define:"split" syntax:"e1x" as:"ex_split:")
    (ex define:"new" syntax:"e1x" as:"ex_new:")
    (ex define:'("tabedit" "tabnew") syntax:"+ex" as:"ex_tabedit:")
    ;(ex define:"unmap" syntax:"!e" as:"ex_unmap:")
    ;(ex define:'("v" "vglobal") syntax:"r%/e|" as:"ex_vglobal:")
    ;(ex define:"version" syntax:"" as:"ex_version:")
    (ex define:"vsplit" syntax:"e1x" as:"ex_vsplit:")
    (ex define:"vnew" syntax:"e1x" as:"ex_vnew:")
    (ex define:'("write" "w") syntax:"r%!f>e1x" as:"ex_write:")
    (ex define:"wq" syntax:"r%!e1x" as:"ex_wq:")
    (ex define:'("xit" "exit") syntax:"r%!e1x" as:"ex_xit:")
    (ex define:"yank" syntax:"rRc" as:"ex_yank:")
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