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Dresscode is a form-object based validation framework that is completely independent from your models.

NOTE: Dresscode is not fully implemented yet


Define your Form

public interface ArticleForm() {

    @Length(200)                                            // max length of 200
    @Required                                               // requred
    Field<String, TextValidator> getTitle();                // normal String input

    Field<String, TextValidator> getContent();              // unrestricted

    ListField<String, TextValidator> getCategories();       // multi select input

    Field<Boolean, BooleanValidator> getSendToTwitter();    // checkbox

    @Format("YYYY-MM-DD")                                   // date format
    Field<Date, DateValidator> getPublishDate();            // date field

    @Required(3)                                            // minimum of 3 tags required
    FieldList<String, TextValidator> getTags();             // list of strings

    Field<String, EmailValidator> getEmail();               // Email

    @Min(42) @Max(42)
    Field<IntegerValidator> getAnswerToLifeTheUniverseAndEverything();

Usage in controller

public class ArticleController {

    // create article action
    public String createArticle(Request request) {
        // crete a new article form
        ArticleForm form = Dresscode.create(ArticleForm.class);

        // set category options
        // set the default selected category

        return CoolTemplateEngine.render("createarticle.template", form);

    // save article action
    public String saveArticle(Request request) {
        // create an article form filled from request parameters
        ArticleForm form = Dresscode.fromRequest(ArticleForm.class, request);

        if (form.isValid()) { // validate
            // create article entity from form (not scope of Dresscode)
            Article article = entityManager.fromForm(Article.class, form);
            return CoolTemplateEngine.render("success.template");
        } else {
            // form has errors. return to sender.
            return CoolTemplateEngine.render("createarticle.template", form);