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Desktop Environment written using the Qt toolkit


Screenshot 1


  • qmake
  • A EWMH compatible window manager. (KWin is the default)
  • the-libs
  • wmctrl
  • xbacklight
  • kscreen
  • NetworkManager
  • libsystemd
  • akonadi (on Ubuntu, you'll need libkf5akonadi-dev - thanks SparkyCola)
  • libcups
  • libxcb
  • libxcursor
  • tsscreenlock
  • ts-polkitagent
  • ts-bt
  • ts-qtplatform




make install


  • Use ts-startsession in an X session to start theShell
  • Use a display manager and use "theShell" as the session


theShell is available in Arch Linux in a custom package repository. Simply add the following lines to the bottom of /etc/pacman.conf

SigLevel = Optional TrustAll
Server = https://vicr123.github.io/repo/arch/$arch/

To install theShell, perform system updates with pacman -Syu first, and then pacman -S theshell. theShell is also on the AUR under the name "theshell." This also pulls in all the required dependencies for theShell so it should work properly.

Bugs/Feature Requests

  • Report any bugs using the "Issues" tab up there. Alternatively, click here to jump straight there. (Thanks!)
  • If you want to request a feature, you can also use the "Issues" tab.


See TRANSLATORS.md for all the translators that helped make theShell available for all.


  • theShell has a super unstable untested version called "blueprint." Check out the blueprint branch for more information.
    • The Blueprint branch has been untested. This is only recommended for early adopters and systems that aren't mission-critical. Don't use theShell Blueprint as your daily driver!
    • theShell and theShell Blueprint can be installed together. Just rename the binary and initialization script (a good name is theshell-b and init-theshell-b,) put them in your binaries folder, rename the .desktop file, change it to start the new initialization script and put it in your xsessions folder.


  • theShell is only tested on Arch Linux. Your milage may vary on other distributions.

Thanks for using theShell :D