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This is a clone of the Google homepage. The structure of the page, positioning and basic styling of elements were made by myself. I just checked the original source code to fine tune the styling so that the page looks exactly like the original.
I separated the page in three sections:

  1. The header, which contains an unordered list for the links at the top
  2. The main, which contains the main elements (the logo image and a form element for the search box and buttons)
  3. The footer, which contains an unordered list for the links at the bottom

To position the links of the header exactly as I wanted without much effort, I used CSS Flexbox.

To center the buttons bellow the search box, I set the text-align property of its parent element (form) to center. By the way, this solution is much more elegant than the solution used by someone at Google, who put the buttons between <center> tags. The center element is not supported in HTML5.

I used descendant selectors, attribute selectors and structural pseudo-classes (:nth-child()) to avoid filling the HTML with classes.

For the links in the footer, Google uses font-size: small;. This is not consistent across browsers (I tested on Chrome and Firefox). For consistency, I used font-size: 13px;. This is how Chrome interprets small.

From The Odin Project's curriculum.

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