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OpenFrameworks is a cross platform open source toolkit for creative coding in C++.

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We are moving to autogenerated projects, the project files will be disappearing from the repository.

To generate them: 

*** NEW *** 

we've moved to a cross platform project geneator, found in apps/devApps/projectGenerator.  This project parses addons and can add addons (using addons.make) to projects, etc. 
To use it, compile the project generator.  When it run, the first time it launches, make sure it points to the root of your OF installation (ie, the folder that contains libs, addons, examples, etc). 
You can use the project generator to make all the example files for your platform (or any platform). 

Also, all the examples that used to reside in apps have been moved to examples, to help sepreate supplied examples and user code. 
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