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This is a dark iTerm theme with glowing colors.

baskerville made a nice .Xdefaults-to-iTerm2 script. More themes on his github.


To install:

  • Install the latest (iTerm2 download the latest Build)
  • Type CMD+i or CMD+,
  • Navigate to Colors tab
  • Click on Load Presets... and Import... and import 'hardcore.itermcolors'
  • Click again on Load Presets... and switch to "hardcore"

Q: How do I install iTerm2 from SVN?

  • Install XCode
  • Open your Terminal and type: svn checkout iterm2-read-only
  • go to /path/to/iterm2-read-only/iTerm.xcodeproj and open iTerm.xcodeproj
  • run the code (click on compile button)
  • after compiling without errors is located in */iterm2-read-only/build/Development

Q: How can I talk to you?

  • Jabber:
  • IRC: #macosx (for german users (yes two ##)

Greetz & Beats