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Distel is compatible with Win32 (tested on 2000 and XP) with Cygwin,
but the installation procedure is more laborious. These instructions
are sufficient but not necessarily optimal - if you know a better way,
please send a note to the mailing list
Step 1: Some random windows hacker admonishes us:
Install Erlang in a directory _without spaces_ in the
path. The default location in "C:\Program Files" won't
work. Having a path without spaces is necessary to use erlc
from cygwin's bash.
But to the rescue jacobg23! (
You can use Windows short paths (e.g., c:\progra~1\ instead of
c:\Program Files) - so edit your PATH environment variable so
that the path to the erlang executables looks like
c:\progra~1\erl5.5.4 (or whatever) instead. (Ditto for any
config in your .emacs)
Step 2: Edit your PATH environment variable via the System control
panel: remove the quotes from the path to the Erlang
Step 3: Do a "make".
Step 4: We must now update the ~/.erlang and ~/.emacs files to load
Distel. However, Erlang and Emacs don't use the same algorithm
to find the home directory: Emacs uses the %HOME% environment
variable, and Erlang uses %HOMEDRIVE%\%HOMEPATH%. Both default
to C:\ (as far as I know..)
After figuring out or setting these paths, edit your .erlang
to include (substitute real path):
And update your ~/.emacs to contain:
(add-to-list 'load-path "c:/jungerl/lib/distel/elisp")
(require 'distel)
Distel should now work correctly. If you have problems, please send a
note to the mailing list.