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Sep 20, 2010
R13 compatibility fixes b804733
Oct 27, 2010
Benjamin Nortier Applied path for R14B from distel issue on canonical repo a1777ff
Oct 28, 2010
Merge branch 'master', remote branch 'bjnortier/master' d001ad7
Jan 24, 2011
fixed changed file path for html docs 9c204ab
find process in state "break" when attaching the debugger 290f959
implemented erl-show-arglist: print arglist for function-under-point 39b28a9
key binding C-c C-d A for erl-show-arglist 123ee65
Jan 28, 2011
whitespace cleanup 06c0ee0
Mar 13, 2011
mats cronqvist mentioned erlang.el in INSTALL 6ccf69a
Aug 03, 2011
patches from wrangler c4dc7b5
Aug 09, 2011
Merge branch 'master', remote-tracking branch 'wrangler/wrangler-synch' 56780c5
Sep 02, 2011
Łukasz Milewski Fix hints for lists modules in R14B03
Few other modules might be affected too. At least erl-complet for
'lists:' returns full list of functions instead of members.
Sep 04, 2011
Function to extract a list of header files used when module was built. e0f91b3
Sep 07, 2011
Functions to find in what file a macro or record is defined. 471de86
Sep 08, 2011
Refactored original erl-find-source* functions to support lookup of
macros and record definitions in addition to functions.
Sep 10, 2011
Make thing_in_file/3 catch more definitions in the parse trees
epp_dodger produces.
Sep 11, 2011
Filter out empty lists. 074637d
Sep 16, 2011
mats cronqvist Merge pull request #11 from lmmilewski/master
Fix problem with erl-complete completions for lists module in R1403
Sep 19, 2011
Filter out the file we call from correctly. 17ccc86
M-. on function definitions should call erl-who-calls. 0da3e32
M-. and M-, to jump to calling functions from and back to erl-who-cal…
Jan 05, 2012
victorhge Merge remote-tracking branch 'rost/rebuild' 9038b09
victorhge merge debug improvement 3b9a149
Jan 31, 2012
victorhge fix debug support 5dc1bf7
Feb 02, 2013
victorhge Remove unexpeted key binding ecdb2b8
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