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+iedit - Edit multiple regions simultaneously
+This package is an Emacs minor mode and allows you to edit one occurrence of
+some text in a buffer or region, and simultaneously have other occurrences
+edited in the same way.
+Normal scenario of iedit-mode is like:
+- Highlight certain contents - by press C-;
+ All occurrences of a symbol, string or a rectangle in the buffer or a
+ region may be highlighted corresponding to current mark, point and prefix
+ argument. Refer to the document of `iedit-mode' for details.
+- Edit one of the occurrences
+ The change is applied to other occurrences simultaneously.
+- Finish - by pressing C-; again
+This package also provides rectangle support with *visible rectangle*
+highlighting, which is similar with cua mode rectangle support.
+You can also use Iedit mode as a quick way to temporarily show only the
+buffer lines that match the current text being edited. This gives you the
+effect of a temporary 'keep-lines' or 'occur'. To get this effect, hit `C-'
+when in Iedit mode - it toggles hiding non-matching lines.
+Renaming refactoring is convinient in iedit mode
+- The symbol under point is selected as occurrence by default and only complete
+ symbols are matched
+- With digit prefix argument 0, only symbols in current function are matched
+- Restricting symbols in current region can be done by pressing C-; again
+- Last renaming refactoring is remembered and can be applied to other buffers
+ later
+There are also some other facilities you may never think about. Refer to the
+document of function `iedit-mode' (C-h f iedit-mode RET) for more details.

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