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-iedit - Edit multiple regions simultaneously
-It is an Emacs minor mode and allows you to edit one occurrence of some text in
-a buffer (possibly narrowed), and simultaneously have other occurrences edited
-in the same way.
-Most common scenario of using this package is renaming refactoring
-during programming. Several enhancements are done to make it easier:
- - The symbol under point can be selected as occurrence by one key and only complete
- symbols are matched
- - Restricting symbols in current function matched could be done by one command
- - Remember the renaming refactoring and re-apply to other buffers later
-This package also provides rectangle support with visible rectangle
-highlighting, i.e. you can interactively modify a rectangle.
-You can also use Iedit mode as a quick way to temporarily show only the buffer
-lines that match the current text being edited. This gives you the effect of a
-temporary 'keep-lines' or 'occur'. To get this effect, hit `C-' when in
-Iedit mode - it toggles hiding non-matching lines.
-There are also some other facilities you may never think about. Read the
-document of function `iedit-mode' (C-h f iedit-mode RET) for more details.

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