An HTTP endpoint to check if a docker container is ready
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ruready is an application that exposes an HTTP endpoint to allow you to check if a machine is ready. It can be used in conjunction with docker-compose to make one container wait for another one to be ready. The ready state is determined by a command passed as argument.

Build Status


  • The latest compiled version is available on the releases page
  • To compile from sources, build the repository using go

Full working example

The client container waits for mysql on the db container to become available.

Create a file called docker-compose.yml with the content below:

version: '2'
    image: "mysql"
        - MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=1q2w3e
     - "8099:8099"
    command: bash -c "apt-get update && apt-get -y install curl && curl -L > ruready && chmod +x ruready && (./ruready -c mysql -- --host=localhost --port=3306 --user=root --password=1q2w3e --execute=quit & ./ mysqld)"

    image: "busybox"
    command: sh -c "while [ true ]; do wget -q -O - http://db:8099/ready && break; echo 'Not ready...'; sleep 1s; done; echo 'Ready!';"

Run docker-compose up in the folder where you created the file.

Command line arguments

Argument Required Default Description
-c/--command Yes The command that checks if the machine is ready
-t/--cachetime No 3 Number of seconds to cache the result of the command before reinvoking
-p/--port No 8099 Server port
-v/--version No Shows version information
-- No Anything that follows -- is passed as argument to command


  • ruready -c ls -- ./opt/app/started.txt Waits for the file ./opt/app/started.txt to exist. Endpoint <hostname>:8099/ready

  • ruready -p 3000 -c ls -- ./opt/app/started.txt Waits for the file ./opt/app/started.txt to exist. Endpoint <hostname>:3000/ready


  • If the machine is ready, /ready endpoint returns 200 (OK) and the message ruready: Ready
  • If the machine is not ready, /ready endpoint returns 503 (Service Unavailable) and the message ruready: Not Ready

Checking if the machine is available

  • curl: while [ true ]; do curl -I http://<host>:8099/ready && break; echo 'Not ready...'; sleep 1s; done;
  • wget: while [ true ]; do wget -q -O - http://<host>:8099/ready && break; echo 'Not ready...'; sleep 1s; done;