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template creator for workers
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.prettierrc Tweek contrib guide Jul 3, 2019

Template Creator

This is the template creator. To make a template:

  1. run git clone myTempName

  2. cd myTempName

  3. Add project logic to the directory. Run npm install.

  4. Specify the entry point of the Worker script in package.json in main property.

  5. Fill out the Make sure to include:

    • Description of what the Worker accomplishes.
    • Demo. Ideally a demo using, but for Worker demos requiring special headers, POST bodies,.. a live demo of where the Worker is running also works.
  6. Review the contribution guide thoroughly here

  7. Commit source files omitting build files of course.

  8. Host a public repo, and then test your project by running wrangler generate<your-repo>.

  9. (Boilerplate) Submit a PR to add the template to the template gallery after having it approved. (Snippet) Submit your code to Victoria. Ideally as a PR to a repo you own

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